Val d'Alferche

Quality / Honesty / Sustainability

Val d’Alferche: Somontano terroir of centennial vineyards

Val d’Alferche, wines that express their terroir with passion and intensity..

The name comes from a small valley in Somontano, a wine region with Denomination of Origin in northern Spain, near The Pyrenees mountains.

From the monastery that crowns the Pueyo hill you can see an elongated depression in the landscape, it’s the Val d’Alferche. It has been formed by the action of the rainwater, which flows into the Cinca river, near Monzon and its castle.

The gentle landscape is characterized by small rises, topped by coppices, and sandstone crags. The climate is Mediterranean with some Continental traits, and an average temperature of 15 ºC. The springs are rainy, summers are hot and dry and the winters, cold and misty. The rainfall is about 400-700 mm per year.

Owing to suitable weather conditions and its soil , which is chalky, silty and rich in minerals, this area is ideal for traditionally grown produce. Not only do vineyards flourish, but also olives groves, almond trees and cereals such as wheat and barley too..


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