Val d'Alferche



GRAPE VARIETY  100 % Chardonnay.

IN THE VINEYARD  White variety, suitable for excellent fresh and not oaked wines. Grains, small and round, have a brilliant hue golden colour, that it changes to hue honey when the grapes has matured. The bunchs are medium and compact.

GRAPE HARVEST  Mechanical and during the nigth, to assure the low temperature when the grapes are taken into the winnery, and to reach a fruity wine.

WINE-MAKING  Traditional vinification techniques ensures varietal fruit expression in wine. Destemming and crushing with a pneumatic press. No maceration (juice don’t remain in contact with the skin). The must is clarified and fermented with a controlled temperature of 18 ºC with selectioned yeasts.

PRESENTATION  Green Élite Bordeaux bottle of 0,75 L (6 bottles box).

TASTING NOTES  Straight and clean medium-pale yellow colour with clear gold reflection. On the nose, it has a good aromatic intensity, with notes of tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango, and hints of citrus.

The palate features the silky smooth texture of the variety, and a full-bodied, fresh and tasty wine. The retro-nasal passage (better breathing) gives intense and persistent aromas, with clear hints of fruits.

Val d’Alferche – Chardonnay  can be defined as a well balanced wine.

SERVING TEMPERATURE   13 ºC (55 ºF) – 15 ºC (59 ºF)


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