Val d'Alferche



GRAPE VARIETIES  50 % Merlot, 40 % Cabernet‑Sauvignon and 10 % Syrah.

IN THE VINEYARD  Red grapevines, so suitable for oak ageing wines. Merlot bunches have round and small grains on black bluish colour. Low in tannins for oaking, blends well with Cabernet-Sauvignon, distinguished for its thick skin grains very rich in tannins. Syrah brilliant blue grains, grouped in compact bunches, provides elegance and intensity.

GRAPE HARVEST  Mechanical and during the nigth, to assure the low temperature when the grapes are taken into the winnery, and to reach a fruity wine.

WINE-MAKING  Varieties are fermented separately, in stainless steel tanks with selected yeasts and controlled temperature. During fermenting, the wine is racking and returning (délestage) two times, a process that extracts phenolic compunds by oxygenating the juice, to produce wines with more fruit character. Skin maceration remains until fermentation is finished.

OAK AGEING  Nine months in medium toasted French oak barrels. Each variety ages in oak barrel separately and on their lees, until the final blending (coupage or assemblage) of the three varieties. Wine arriving in the market after an additional bottle ageing of twelve months (minimum).

PRESENTATION  Green Prestige Bordeaux bottle of 0,75 L (6 bottles box).

TASTING NOTES  Clear and brilliant deep robe of garnet purple colour with a magenta rim (meniscus). On the nose, well-ripened black fruits and spices (clove, pepper, vanilla, cinnamon) and toasted new wood flavours.

In the mouth, it’s a well-structured and balanced wine, with no rough edges. Tannin is vigorous, but silky and smooth. In retro-nasal passage (better breathing), com back again the notes of well-ripened blackberry fruit over an intense spicy and wood toasted aromas.

Val d’Alferche –Crianza is a tasty wine with a long aftertaste.

SERVING TEMPERATURE  16 ºC (61 ºF)  – 18 ºC (65 ºF)


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VAL D’ALFERCHE – CRIANZA (14%), 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating